How to Avoid Burnout
Without Stepping Back From Your Career
Kate Byars | The Goodlife Institute

The Women
in Business Podcast

Learn How to Work Smarter, Influence More, and Prioritize Your Personal Life Without Burning Out!

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At the senior leadership level, you’re left to figure it out on your own.    In this episode, I chat with a Healthcare VP who was ready to walk away, despite being a single mom of two college-bound kids.  Learn how she overcame burnout despite working in a 24/7 industry.

Have you earned a seat at the table but deep down you’re waiting for everyone to find out that you don’t really belong? Imposter syndrome is the worst!!   And if you share out loud a shred of self-doubt everyone else tells you that you’re great, you’ll be fine and you’ll figure it out… Conventional […]

So, one minute you’re at work, feeling guilty you’re not taking care of your family or your health…and the next minute, you’re finally back on your Peloton but you feel guilty you aren’t at work…sound familiar? Oooh, I’ve been there. This guilt cycle is the very reason professional women burn out and often walk away […]

Are you tired of the emotional roller coaster inherent in your successful career? One minute you have just killed it in a presentation only to be handed another huge project with an insane deadline. Success was supposed to make things easier, but instead, it’s harder than ever! In this week’s episode, I share the strategies […]

Are you working yourself to the point of exhaustion…where the only thing you have energy for in your personal life is some Chardonnay, your couch and some Netflix? I get it. I used to pride myself on always being “on” and being the go-to for putting out fires at work, but it was the perfect […]

As a woman leader, time is the ultimate luxury…everyone needs a piece of you and you’re left chasing tiny slivers of time for self-care and to simply think! We were taught to suck it up and accept this trade-off. Wrong! Not if you want to thrive at the top of your game…tune into this game-changing […]

Let’s face it, when you are successful everyone else wants what you have. Successful job, beautiful home, big bank account.  Yet, you might be finding yourself miserable trying to keep up with your success and asking yourself “is this really worth it?” You may even be thinking of quitting and giving up all that hard […]

With the focus on D&I right now…you’ve probably been wondering when it will get easier to be a female leader working amongst men. The truth is, being one of the few females working inside the boys club is actually a huge advantage. But only if you know how to do it the right way. If […]

Did you gain your seat at the table only to look around and realize you were the only woman? This is still common at the senior-level and in many industries like IT and can fuel the ill-conceived idea of trying to fit into the “boy’s club”. In this episode, I dispel the notion of the […]

Business owners, you do not have to be the hardest-working person in the room to make your business succeed. My guest this week, Jen, has started not one, but two successful businesses and in this episode, she shares how she disrupted the status quo and went from trying to do it all, overworking and only […]